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ANZCO Foods is one of New Zealand's largest exporters with sales of NZ$1.3 billion and more than 3,000 employees worldwide.

Jointly owned by Itoham Foods, Nippon Suisan Kaisha, and the directors and management of ANZCO Foods, each shareholder group individually owns more than 25% of the company.

ANZCO at a glance

  • $1.3b turnover
  • $550m total assets
  • 3,000 employees worldwide
  • 8 offshore offices
  • 7 New Zealand slaughter / boning facilities
  • 3 food manufacturing sites
  • 1 innovation centre
  • 3 local retail outlets
  • 1 online retail store

A dynamic multinational company, ANZCO Foods has four core business activities:

We procure the best beef and lamb grown year round on New Zealand’s lush, green pastures. We process prime New Zealand beef and lamb in state-of-the-art, accredited facilities. We design and create sophisticated food and healthcare solutions

We market and guarantee year-round delivery of our premium beef and lamb products to more than 80 countries around the world.

ANZCO's core business activities are seamlessly integrated, ensuring our high quality beef and lamb products are delivered to exact standards, on time and in full from our farmers' pastures to the plate of the consumer.

Wherever you find an ANZCO product, you’ll find entrepreneurship, innovation and quality.


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